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Our original plans to start geophysical surveys around the valley have been interrupted by the extremely bad weather over preceding month, despite these delays the project will commence shortly. Anyone interested in taking part in this project are welcomed to contact Vince Burrows (see contacts page). Please note: All volunteers must be registered with our project team.

In recent months, the group has received kind offers from local valley landowners to survey their land as part of this project. If you are a landowner and feel that your property may be able to add information for the betterment of our joint historical knowledge of Alkham Valleys History, please do let us know.

If you have chanced across interesting flint, pottery, metallic or any other suspected historical material, please bag it, and label with where it was found and your details. Vince would be happy to identify these kinds of finds for you. In fact, any assistance with local ancient maps, land deeds etc may be of help to our general researches.

Geophysical surveys have now been carried out on land at Green Hill Farm owned by Nigel & Wendy Burrows and on land owned by Gordon & Janet Adamsonís at South Alkham. Results from this work will be posted (coming soon).


Welcome to the next stage of the project. Over the coming months and years, this website will be used to document the progress of the work, after every stage has been completed. The site will also serve as a live historical record containing photographs, geophysical imagery and explanations of the sites and their findings. We hope you will join us on this journey back into the valleys past. We hope you will also support this voluntary project via our secure online pay pal donation system located on this sites home page.


Since closing our archaeological investigations on Mean Ridge at Wolverton, small-scale excavations will be planned for Oakwood between 2009-10. The third and more extensive phase of the project has been designed to encompass up to around 13 locations around and atop the valley commencing in the Spring-Summer 2009.

This ambitious project will take around three years to complete, primarily involving geophysical evaluations over the different sites selected. This approach will remove the need for invasive and costly excavations although, some minor trenches may be cut at sites that cannot be determined. During the course of this project, Alkham residents will be most welcome to volunteer and work with our team and the University students study archaeology.

1)    Evaluate the potential relationship between the barrow and Anglo-Saxon cemeteries on the ridge and the possible archaeology within Oakwood.

2)    To recover datable material and delimit the wood boundary ditch system.

3)    To geophysically survey up to 13 new sites around the valley.

4)    To record and publish our findings in the Kent Archaeologia Cantiana Volumes and produce reports for local residents of the Alkham Valley.

5)    If further funding becomes available, an excavation across the former Alkham Valley River course may be possible. This work will enable us to determine the rivers original attributes together with the sedimentary date phasing of the rivers demise.

The forthcoming survey work, will be undertaken by the projects main partner Sub Scan South-East Archaeological and Commercial Geophysical Surveys